Top 10 Best Grow Lights for Indoor Plants– 2023 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

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From allowing you to cultivate plants at any climate to substituting natural sunlight, indoor grow lights are worth embracing. You can’t overlook the urgency of having these lights in stimulating photosynthesis and enhancing the plant color spectrum. But if you do not get the best grow lights for indoor plants, your plants can hardly flourish.

While choosing the best grow lights can be a tough call, it is barely impossible. Whether you need fluorescent, HID, LED, or incandescent lighting, the choice must meet your immediate and even future needs. Remember, different plant growth stages demand different lights.

Above all, you need value for your money. Longevity and affordability will always have a part to play in this. As long as you are careful in this process, there will be no reason to worry. Here are the best grow lights for indoor gardening that you will find worth considering at any time.

1. GrowLED Plus Plant Grow Light LED Indoor Garden, Kitchen Garden with Timer Function, 24V Low Safe Voltage

You can barely overlook the unique role played by this product in lighting up your garden or indoor hydroponic. Thanks to its advanced LED technology and unique spectrum, this product will be ideal for more potent, uniform, and much brighter leaves. Also, this light is one of the most versatile options, as you can use it at home and in the office too. Its automated lighting is breathtaking, assuring you of the convenience you envision.

Special features

This product boasts of various unique features that will get you smitten. Usually, you will be sure of enjoying the following elements.

Automatic smart timer

This timer ensures that the light remains on for 16 hours and goes off for 8 hours. This way, you are sure of unmatched convenience, as you no longer need to start or stop it. It also ensures that plants get enough light every day.

Impressive design

You will appreciate the minimalist design embraced by this indoor garden light. With this modern, compact style, you will be free to use the light anywhere in your home or office.

Bright Light

This product produces up to 4000K of light, assuring you of comfortable sight. This light produces no flickers, making it friendly for the eyes.

• Robust construction
• Bright light
• Easy to use
• Enhanced safety
• A little pricy

2. UPGRADED Auto On/Off Timing Function Grow light 16LED 5 Dimmable Levels Spectrum for Indoor Plants

From its design to its impeccable performance, this device will readily get you smitten. Its push-button switch style makes it one of the easiest to use. As if that is not enough, you will fall in love with its pain finish, as it highlights elegance. This clip design takes a relatively small space, yet allows you to use it wherever you are.

Special features

Unrivaled timer functionality

It comes with a USB plug-in timer, allowing you to set it in intervals of 3, 6, and 12 hours. What is more, this timing function comes in handy in selecting the brightness too.

Multiple modes

This product comes with up to three distinct modes, including red light, blue light, and a combo. It also features 16 LED beads and five brightness levels. These brightness levels are at intervals of 20%.

USB connector

This indoor grow light comes with a USB connection, which is handy when charging it.

• Easy to install and use
• Enhanced versatility
• Impressive design
• Its gooseneck is relatively heavy

3. King Plus 4000W Double Chips LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Greenhouse and Indoor Plant

You can barely overlook the versatility provided by King Plus. From its enhanced light penetration and broad light spectrum to its unrivaled height, you will readily love it. With its unique 10-watt chip, you will be sure of enhanced brightness at all times. As if that is not enough, its affordability will surprise you, despite its unmatched performance. As long as you have the King Plus 4000W, your yields will no longer be the same.

Special Features

Distinct BLOOM and VEG switches

This product comes with different switches for VEG and BLOOM, allowing you the convenience you deserve. This separation helps optimize the consumed electricity too.

Impressive cooling system

This indoor light features an effective cooling system, ensuring optimal temperature and heat management in the garden. Ideally, the cooling fans and holes on the panels make it easier to enhance air circulation.

Broader coverage space

The coverage space will often be dependent on the stage you choose. While VEG provides you with a 25 square foot coverage, BLOOM guarantees you up to 20.25 square feet. With this, growing multiple plants within the space will be no hassle.


That the light is full-spectrum is no surprise, which means it will be a natural alternative to sunlight.

• Enhanced energy-saving abilities
• Robust design that lasts long
• Wider coverage area
• Its fans could be too noisy

4. AeroGarden 45w LED Grow Light Panel, Black

The AeroGarden is a multipurpose grow light that you can either hang or till. With its customizable tilting, you will provide your plants with the light they deserve. Typically, it allows you to nurture your plants for the best angle. In most cases, this light will suit seed starting trays. It will also be best to highlight how low-maintenance it is.

Special Features

Great design

This product boasts of relatively versatile design, allowing you to hang it or till it. It also comes with an adjustable stand, rising as the plants keep growing. You can barely overlook how adjustable the light is, allowing the plants to get light from all angles. There is also a 360-degree swivel for you to use.

Energy efficiency

This product relies on 45W LED bulbs, which have proven to be energy-efficient. These bulbs are much more affordable to acquire and maintain. Usually, the white LEDs come in handy in spurring growth. While the red lights enhance flower growth, blue LED assures you of bigger yields. That they will last for long is no news.

Friendly Light

The LED light produced by this indoor grow light does not expose your plants to the harsh purple shade. This way, your plants will thrive without too much hassle in the long run.

• Great design
• Long-lasting
• Friendly light
• Small coverage

5. GE BR30 LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, Full Spectrum, 9-Watt Grow Light Bulb

If you are looking forward to providing your plants with a natural atmosphere, this is the ultimate choice for you. You could rely on this light for both high and low plants, as its light provision coverage is unrivaled. This 120V lamp assures you of enhanced light spectrum balance. That it will suit all types of plants is no secret.

Special Features

Enhanced light output

This product relies on LED bulbs, producing bright light for plant growth. Its high PPF value means that your plants will get enough light for growth and photosynthesis.

Natural light

That this product assures you of natural and full-spectrum lighting is no secret. Its advanced red spectrum comes in handy in enhancing fruit and flower production. As if that is not enough, this spectrum is the most balanced you could ever see.

Energy efficiency

Thanks to the low heat LED technology used, this product assures you of unmatched energy efficiency. What is more, it consumes no more than 9W.

• Assures you of natural, full-spectrum light
• Impressive design
• Enhanced energy efficiency
• It is not dimmable

6. GrowLED Umbrella Plant Grow Light, Herb Garden, Height Adjustable, Automatic Timer

This option has become the most reliable for those who appreciate minimalistic designs. Its adjustability will get you smitten, as it will assure your plants of the ultimate light for growth and flower production. It is a 4000K light whose impact on growth rate will be worth lauding at any time. Ideally, it is all that you need for enhanced photosynthesis.

Special Features

Multiple light modes

This light assures you of a broader spectrum of light, which is vital for the seamless growth of your plants. Typically, its full-spectrum nature implies that it will be suitable for the plants and relatively friendly to the eyes. For this reason, you will be free to use it in your living room.

Impressive, portable design

The minimalist construction of this light is hard to overstate. This small size comes in handy for those who want enhanced portability. Besides, it is all that you need when it comes to versatility. Its refined style will also get you smitten.

Adjustable height

Height adjustment is a necessary aspect whenever you want your plants to get enough luminosity. This adjustment means that you will effortlessly direct enough light to the plant, and from different angles.

Automated self-timer

This timer comes in handy in ensuring that the light goes on or off at specific times, giving you the convenience you deserve.

• Easy assembly and installation
• Relatively affordable
• Full-spectrum light
• Not long-lasting

7. KingLED Newest 1000w LED Grow Lights Full Spectrum Grow Lights for Indoor Hydroponic Plants

This double-spectrum grow light has won the hearts of many people, thanks to its reliability. Its myriad of features and affordability make it a suitable alternative for HID systems. As long as you get the right one, you will be good to go. Here are the features it brings to the table.

Special features

Multiple lights

This product comes with full-spectrum lights, assuring you of unrivaled brightness. The lamp includes UV and IR, which are vital for the seamless growth of your plants.

Different Veg and Bloom switches

The separation of Bloom and Veg switches is an aspect whose importance you cannot ignore. This separation means that you will comfortably select the right stage of light needed for your plants with ease.

Impressive cooling system

From its fast fans to its upgraded aluminum radiators, this is a light you cannot miss. This cooling system assures you of optimal temperatures within the garden at all times.

• Relatively easy to use
• Efficient cooling system
• Enhanced lifespan
• Not as wide coverage

8. Led Grow Light, Shengsite 75W Plant Grow Lights for Indoor House Plants

Made from heavy-duty ABS material, this is a product you will want if you are looking for enhanced durability. These premium materials assure your plants of unmatched safety at all times. As if that is not enough, this product highlights up to 250 red and blue lights, which ensure your plants grow naturally.

Special features

Unparalleled Heat Dissipation

Thanks to ABS construction, the heat dissipation provided by this is worth lauding. There will be an optimal temperature in the garden without necessarily investing in an additional fan.

Power consumption

That this product boasts of low power consumption is no secret. Despite this, the luminous efficiency will always be outstanding. Consequently, it provides up to 50W, which is enough for the plants.

Advanced cooling system

You will barely overlook the impressiveness of this cooling system. It assures you of enhanced quietness, and you will not need cooling fans anymore.

• Comes with a generous warranty
• Relatively easy to use
• Assures you of unrivaled safety at all times
• Full-spectrum lighting
• Could be too dim for your liking

9. LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants, Full Spectrum Dual Head Desk Clip for Seedlings/Seeds/Succulents

This light is one of the most dependable for those looking for replenishing plants. Thanks to the full-spectrum nature, this lamp will help in providing light nutrition and better growth. In most cases, you will have to expose this light to your plant for about 12 hours a day. Whether it is during winter or summer, this light will always suffice.

Special features

Full-spectrum light

There is no denying that full-spectrum comes in handy in growing leaves and flowers. Its role in protein synthesis is worth lauding too. This full-spectrum wavelength ensures that your plants get even light distribution.

Broader illumination surface

A product that can illuminate a wider surface will often reach more plants. Thankfully, that is what you get from this device. It provides you with a 120-degree illumination, covering a significant distance. Things become much better with the ergonomic swivel.

Robust construction

The sturdiness highlighted by this grow light is all that you could ever need. From the premium materials used to the stability provided, it is a product you should not overlook. Despite this, it is relatively lightweight.

• Lightweight
• Wider illumination surface area
• Energy-efficient
• Could overheat

10. LED Grow Light with Timer for Indoor Tent Greenhouse Gardening Hydroponics Plants Veg Flower Seedlings

You will instantly fall in love with this impressionable jewel. Its myriad of features is all that you could envision. Here are some insights to keep in mind. One of the things that will get you smitten is its flexible installation. With its aluminum body, you will be sure of not only elegance but also enhanced durability.

Special features

Adjustable brightness

The unrivaled luminous efficiency provided by this grow light is not enough. That is because this device allows you to adjust the brightness up to four different levels, including 25%. 50%, 75%, and 100%.

Auto timer

An automated timer only means that you can enjoy enhanced convenience. This device allows you to set your time at intervals of 3, 6, and 12 hours. After this period, the lamp can go on or off, ensuring that you save on energy.


This light assures you of blue and red wavelengths, whose combination enhances efficient growth. Besides that, you will be sure of IR (InfraRed Radiation), which plays a critical role in flowering and fruiting.

• Robust construction for enhanced longevity
• Dimmable light
• Enhanced flexibility
• Unmatched versatility
• It is a little pricy

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What to look for when buying Indoor Grow Lights

There is no denying that choosing the right indoor grow light could be challenging for some people. However, that should not mean that this is an impossible task. Various aspects go into the selection process, and understanding such elements ensures that you make logical decisions.

Here are the few things to keep in mind.

i. LED vs Fluorescent

There is no doubt that lighting matters the most in hydroponic rooms, and investing in the right light is vital. Remember, this light will last for about 10 to 12 hours daily. That means choosing the wrong one could jeopardize the quality of your yield. You will have to choose between LED and fluorescent lights.

LED lights are some of the most reliable and popular lights you can consider. They emit wavelengths akin to the natural daytime spectrum. Besides, you can adjust them depending on the plants you have. What is more, they come with cooling systems that enhance their efficiency. It will be fair to mention that LED lights are directional. However, their initial cost could be relatively high.

On the other hand, fluorescent lights depend on converting electrical energy to produce ultraviolet wavelengths. You could get them as either CFLs or fluorescent tubes. Usually, most people appreciate this form of light because of how affordable it is. They also tend to be more versatile and attractive.

If you were to choose between the two, LED would have the edge over fluorescent bulbs. That is because of their reliability and the wavelength produced.

ii. Light Intensity

Take the time to understand the right light intensity for your plants. This way, choosing suitable light intensity will barely be an issue. In most cases, your focus will have to be on enhanced power. The more akin it is to natural light intensity, the better it will be for you.

The light intensity will often vary with the stage of growth. While the light should be bright, ensure that it is not direct to sunlight. This light intensity should be around 40% of the midday sun.

Ideally, you should focus on devices that provide a more extensive light footprint. That is because they assure you of reaching many plants comfortably.

iii. Spectrum

The spectrum of light chosen will often determine how fast the plants will grow. It will also play a significant role in photosynthesis and ensuring that the plants thrive. Mostly, the choice will be between double and full-spectrum lighting.

Full-spectrum is a form of lighting whose wavelength is almost similar to what the natural sunlight produces. Typically, they are a blend of IR, UV, and visible light bands. That they produce different colors means that you will be sure of varying roles and values.

With this, you will be sure of your plants growing much faster and even thriving. Both blooming and fruiting will be effortless.

In contrast, indoor grow lights without full-spectrum will barely be as effective. For that reason, the competency of full-spectrum options makes them the best.

iv. Durability

There is no denying that you will often look forward to enhanced durability, as it determines the value for money you get. This durability depends on the construction and materials used on your chosen device. As long as you opt for sturdy structures and premium materials, you will be sure of the ultimate satisfaction. For instance, steel will last longer than plastic devices.

While at it, it would be best for you to opt for long-lasting LED, as they assure you of cutting-edge solutions. Check how long the chosen LED will last. The lifespan is usually in light hours, and things will be better if this period is much longer.

As you look at the quality of the construction, confirm whether it is what you are paying for. Will excessive heat destroy this device? Will it be susceptible to corrosion and moisture? If the answers are no, you are good to go.

v. Color

The color produced by the indoor grow lights will always matter. The perfect colors for your indoor garden will always be red and blue.

Usually, blue comes in handy in enhancing chlorophyll absorption and photosynthesis. You will also rely on UV for much faster growth. All this is to the 400 to 520-nanometer range it provides during illumination. Did you know that blue is readily absorbable in the leaves?

In contrast, red light produces between 610 and 720-nanometer spectrum range. This spectrum makes it ideal for blooming, flowering, and fruiting. Adding red will always come in handy in making the leaves and the plant much stronger.

Most experts will recommend that you consider a blend of red and blue. If your chosen grow light has this mix, you will have no reason to worry. With this, your yield will be unrivaled.

vi. Ease of Use

Nothing could be as significant in your grow light as its ease of use. Usually, everyone will want a product that they can use without too much hassle, and you need not be an exception.

Now will be the right time for you to pay attention to whether the device has an auto timer. Auto timers are vital for enhancing convenience, as they allow you to set when the device can go on or off. Whether you are there or not, your grow light will go out or on if set accordingly. Check the intervals for this timer. Such intervals will often be between 3 and 12 hours.

Further, confirm how easy it will be to access the control buttons. There is no denying that easier access means you will barely have a hard time in the long run. For instance, separate Veg and Bloom buttons come in handy in optimizing the use of energy. All in all, let your buttons be readily accessible.

Additionally, you might want to consider the use of remote controls. Having a remote control feature implies that you will not struggle with your device whenever you want to adjust settings or switch it on. Such devices could be your focus.

Most people will appreciate programmable devices, as this is what provides them with the convenience they deserve. As long as you can set schedules, it will be much easier to attain the flexibility you envision. A device with an incredible memory will always come in handy for you.

vii. Size and Shape

You can barely overlook the considerable role that the size and shape of indoor grow lights tend to play. Mostly, bigger grow lights will be vital for those who want increased illumination surface areas. Besides, bigger devices have proven to provide much more intensity. That is all you need for the faster growth of your plants.

As if that is not enough, the size and design of your indoor grow light will determine portability. Much smaller and lightweight options will ensure that you have a much easier time carrying them.

While at it, pay attention to the shape of your grow lamp. Does this shape allow light to reach most of the plants? If yes, this will be your ultimate choice. This lamp could be a panel or in the form of bulbs. Whichever you choose, ensure that it provides you with the maximum value for your money.

Both the shape and the size should assure you of easier adjustability. If only you would get a relatively light device with a swivel, you will never regret it.

viii. Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR)

This is a type of light spectrum whose role in photosynthesis is almost impossible to overstate. Its wavelength should lie between 380 and 720 nm. Higher PAR values imply that the light range reaching the plant is more diverse and reliable for enhancing your crop yield. In short, it determines the light footprint left by a grow light

ix. Surface Area covered

While the surface area covered by the grow light will often depend on the shape and size of your light, it could be independent. Most often, you will need a device that can shine enough light throughout the hydroponic. For this reason, you must be sure of the amount of light provided by the chosen grow light.

Take the time to focus on lights that provide extensive coverage. This way, no crop will end up missing out on enough light. It is through this that you will be sure of not only enhanced photosynthesis but also growth rates in the long run.

x. Cost

There is no denying that people will always pay more attention to their budgets. Unless the cost of a product is within their budget, it will be hard for them to settle on it. However, it will always be vital for you to focus on the quality of grow lights instead of the cost. What matters is the value for money that you get at the end of the day.

While affordability matters, cheap should not. If you are looking for the best grow lights for indoor plants, you might need to sacrifice a little more money. However, you could consider a product that is relatively less costly to maintain. This way, you avoid too many replacement expenses and repair costs.


From enhancing plant growth and optimal temperature in the hydroponic to better crop yields, you cannot dismiss the significance of grow lights. The catch is that you get a reliable option that can last you for a relatively long time. While the selection process is a challenge, you do not have to give up. Fortunately, the insights provided above could be your lighthouse, guiding you through the process.

The selection process will often define what you get from your grow light. As long as you want the best grow lights for indoor plants, let your focus be on quality and durability. Cost is a secondary consideration. With this, you will be sure of getting not only the best grow lights for indoor plants but also enhanced value for your money.

Well, now is the time to get yourself the indoor grow light of your dreams. You are ready!

FAQs and Possible Answers

What light do professional growers use?

Most professionals are currently using HID and fluorescent grow lights. The popularity of HID results from their stable light intensity. Usually, they hang relatively high above the plants, ensuring that there is barely any dramatic change in the long run.

HID lights provide you with unrivaled efficiency, assuring you of high energy discharge. Its blue lights are critical in spurring faster vegetative growth. They also produce red and orange hues, which improve fruit and bud production. If you are looking for leafy growth, HID will be your ultimate choice.

However, most people are now moving to LEDs and fluorescents, thanks to their efficiency, economy, and reliability. These LEDs have proven to be relatively bright, and you will fall in love with their longevity. As if that is not enough, LEDs do not emit heat, which makes them ideal for enhanced energy efficiency. They come in handy in encouraging flower and leaf production too.

What indoor plants do well in low light?

Various plants can survive and even thrive in low light. However, the number is not high. These plants barely need too much light to propagate, allowing them to reach maturity within a relatively short time. Some of the plants that can survive under such light conditions will include the following.

• Devil’s ivy

• Snake plant

• Philodendron

• Peace lily

• Rubber plant

• Zanzibar gem Lady palm

• Lady’s palm

• Cast-iron plant

• Silver snake plant

• ZZ plant

• Staghorn Fern

• Pothos

Can any LED be used as a grow light?

The straight answer to this would be yes. LEDs have proven to be efficient, directional, and they emit a relatively lower amount of heat. That they mostly produce full-spectrum wavelengths only makes things better. With this light, you will be sure of the plants thriving within a relatively short time.

Usually, these white LEDs will come in handy for any plant. They assure you of not only the right color spectrum but also sufficient output. With this option, you will no longer have to worry about compromised growth.

Can I leave my LED grow lights on for 24 hours?

There is hardly a one-dimensional answer to this. However, most experts suggest that you do not leave the lights on for this long. Usually, the best duration for you to expose plants to grow lights will be between 10 and 12 hours. Some plants might need up to 18 hours max. If you could divide the period into two sessions, six hours each, things will be much better.

However, if you feel the need to increase light nutrients, ensure that you invest in a stronger grow light. Such will be the time to pick a device that assures you of enhanced light intensity and spectrum.

How do I choose an indoor grow light?

Choosing indoor grow lights will often vary with the types of plants you have and the needs at your disposal.

For instance, some plants might need more light intensity than others. That means you will have to invest in products that assure you of unmatched intensity if you want the best results. While at it, flowering plants might need different lights from fruiting or growing plants, and vice versa. As such, be sure of what your plant needs before making any step.

You will also need to pay attention to the type of light provided. The choice will often be among HID, LED, and fluorescent. You can hardly overlook the popularity of HID lights among professionals. However, the efficiency of LED and fluorescent lamps will get you smitten.

You might also want to consider the cost of your choice. Is it affordable to acquire and maintain? Is your investment worth it? Will the lamp last for a relatively long time? If the answers to these questions are yes, do not hesitate.

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