Top 8 Best Soil for Strawberries in Raised Beds 2023– [Reviews & Buying Guide]

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The most important thing about the soil for strawberries is that they should be fertile. To help your strawberry plants grow and produce the largest harvest possible, it is important to make sure their growing environment meets their requirements.

Strawberries are not overly picky but they have some specific needs that need to be met, especially in regards to the soil. Strawberries need a lot of nutrients to grow, and if they do not have enough of these nutrients, then they will never fully develop to their full potential or yield delicious berries.

A great way to ensure that your strawberry bed will always remain rich in nutrients is to prepare a soil mix. This is a simple process that only involves mixing some basic organic materials such as compost, peat and sand into something that will resemble a moist chocolate cake.

Once you have added the required amounts of each material, simply leave it for two weeks before using it in your garden bed.

However, some of these raw materials for preparing good organic soils may not be readily available at your disposal. It is for this reason some companies make the best soil solution professionally to save you the hustle.

Here are the soil packages for strawberries to choose from.

1. FoxFarms Strawberry Fields Potting Soil

In this soil is worth the price. You will get everything that you need for your plants and then some. It comes in a convenient 1.5 cu ft container, light enough to carry around and so dense that it doesn’t crumble or break apart when being handled. It has a nice light texture to it with just the right amount of moisture which makes it easy for your plants to take root.

The Fox Farms strawberry soil contains moisture-loving mycorrhizal fungi which will aid in the process of rooting and transplanting your plants. It will hold onto all of the nutrients that are needed by your plants throughout their growing cycle, so you won’t have to worry about any surprise fertilizer bills coming up.

Once your plants have taken root within the soil, you will be able to transplant them with ease while still maintaining moisture. Your plants will not need watering as frequently as when they were in other soils. You’ll find that this is just what you need for growing a nice, healthy garden of strawberries.

This soil is lightweight and easily transportable, dense and holds water well, and does not break apart or crumble when handled, but is somewhat pricier on the market.

2. Organic Potting Mix for Veggies, Herbs, and Cannabis Plants-8qts

This organic potting mix is a blend of the finest ingredients in just the right proportions. Made from a combination of soil, perlite, vermiculite and peat moss will give your indoor plants or outdoor garden or planters everything they need to thrive.

This potting mix is great for any type of plant. From strawberries to herbs, to veggies and fruit trees, to cannabis plants, this potting mix gives them all everything they need.

The ingredients in this organic potting mix are great for adding nutrients and preventing root rot which can be especially tough on indoor plants. Not only does it work well with both indoor and outdoor plants, but it’s also great for use in self-watering planters so you can keep your plant watered without using a lot of water or having to remember to do it daily.

This potting mix doesn’t have any animal products in it as most other brands do so it’s safe for vegans and vegetarians.

This soil contains organic ingredients, has a no-mold guarantee, has a lightweight container, the company has great customer service and fast shipping, and is ideal for vegans. However, it takes about 2 weeks to completely dry out.

3. Miracle-Gro Expand ‘N Gro Concentrated Planting Mix, .67 cu ft.

Expand ‘N Gro Concentrated Planting Mix” is a product from Miracle-Gro. It is meant to be used with garden plants that require nutrients and moisture while growing. This is a gardening product that can be added to the soil in your garden or flowerbeds. The intensive formula promotes and encourages the healthy growth of flowers and plants to optimize their full potential.

The bag is perforated for easy dispensing. This allows users to use as much or as little as they need, which saves money and time. Some gardening enthusiasts prefer to buy a large amount of planting mix, so they can quickly fill up their garden pots with soil for growing strawberries, flowers, vegetables, or other plants. It is made from composted bark and sphagnum peat moss.

This brand’s formula is a mixture of composted bark, peat moss and vermiculite. There are other organic substitute ingredients used in this product as well, such as perlite and pumice stone. These ingredients act to aerate the soil so roots can grow deeper. They also hold just enough moisture to keep plants healthy without creating an environment that is too wet for roots to grow.

The bag comes in a handy size of 1 cubic foot, the Miracle-Gro Company has a good reputation, this product has good reviews and can be used for a wide range of problems, it is rich in nutrients, it is also able to hold moisture well enough, and can be used for both indoor and outdoor gardening needs.

4. Fox Farm Happy Frog Organic Potting Soil Mix (Bundled with Pearsons Protective Gloves)

Fox Farm’s Happy Frog Potting Soil has all the fertility, air space and water holding capacity of their premium garden soil. It will give your plants what they need to grow healthy & strong. Plant propagation & re-potting is a breeze with this superior mix. Made from earthworm castings, bat guano, sea kelp, and mycorrhizal fungi; Happy Frog Potting Soil has the key ingredients of all organic soils.

Natural Ingredients include composted forest humus, peat moss, bat guano, composted forest humus and mycorrhizae fungi. The nutrient composition includes mycorrhizae inoculant, beneficial soil microbes and nutrients. No chemicals or artificial ingredients. Happy Frog™ is a certified organic product.

Potting soil is not only essential for indoor plant care but also outdoor gardening. The other added ingredients have been chosen for their ability to stimulate root growth, aerate the soil, retain moisture, discourage pests, and suppress plant diseases.

This soil is made from premium quality composted forest humus and perlite, contains mycorrhizal fungi which help improve water and nutrient absorption, it’s very easy to use, it’s an all-natural product, doesn’t smell that bad at all, and contains beneficial microorganisms.

5. Bush Doctor Coco Loco Potting Mix Coco Coil Coco Fiber Blended, 2 Cubic Feet

This soil contains high-quality organic ingredients that provide the potting soil with a balanced amount of nutrients and structure. It is designed to provide adequate air circulation for plants. It is large in volume, saving money and time as you only need one bag of potting mix to complete the job instead of multiple bags.

The organic blend contains coconut fiber which holds water well and releases it slowly for a constant supply of nutrients. This helps protect your plant roots from drying out and getting damaged. This 2 cubic feet potting mix also contains Hulled Millet which stimulates root growth and improves overall soil health and structure, making it easy for your plants to absorb water and nutrients.

The blend contains coconut fiber which holds water well and releases it slowly for a constant supply of nutrients. This helps protect your strawberry plant roots from drying out and getting damaged.

It is large in volume compared to other potting mixes, contains organic ingredients that are rich in nutrients and structure, is free of dangerous chemicals, and comes with a money-back guarantee.

6. Nutrient-Rich | Wonder Soil Organic Potting Soil Mix | OMRI-Listed Ingredients| 3 Lbs. Bag Expands to 12 Quarts | Mycorrhizae, Worm Castings, kelp

Wonder Soil is a natural, premium organic soil blend that contains worm castings, mycorrhizae, kelp and the essential elements needed to thrive. It provides your plants with the nutrients they need so you can enjoy lush greenery all year long. Your plants will benefit from nourishing soil that is just right for them.

Wonder Soil is also great for hydroponics, indoor gardens and raised bed gardening. Also perfect for use as a bonsai soil. The basic mix is 1 part Wonder Soil, 2 parts sand or perlite, and 1 part compost or manure sand. It is recommended to use this organic soil mix with compost and manure, making your potting soil.

Wonder Soil is 100% OMRI listed ingredients approved for organic gardening.

Sources for the best compost include forest floor compost, worm castings and mushroom compost. This will provide you with a well-balanced mix for your seedlings and plants.

For outdoor container gardening such as strawberries, use 1 part Wonder Soil, 2 parts compost and 1 part sand or perlite. If using with houseplants, you can add more soil than recommended in the formula above.

7. Michigan Peat 1250 Baccto Premium Potting Soil, 50-Pound

The mixture of peat and organic materials, or composted forest products like hardwood bark make up the extremely rich medium that is Michigan Peat. This very special blend, with 50% peat moss and soil builder, by volume, will not compact.

Michigan Peat 1250 Baccto Premium Potting Soil, 50-Pound includes beneficial fungi, bacteria and earthworms, which are all critical for healthy growth. The product also helps to stabilize the pH level of your soil while reducing salt accumulation within the growing medium. It is a highly effective yet affordable organic potting mix that you can use as your main soil in both indoor and outdoor gardening projects.

This 100% organic potting mix is perfect for your plants and flowers. The Michigan Peat Company also offers Michigan Peat Plus, a lighter blend of peat moss that has been fortified with additional perlite and vermiculite to aid in water retention and aeration around the plant roots.

8. MOTHER EARTH Coco Plus Perlite Mix – 70% Coconut Coir, Resists Compaction, 50 Liter

If you’re looking for an outdoor or indoor potting mix to give your plants exceptional drainage and aeration, then MOTHER EARTH Coco Plus Perlite Mix is a great choice. This high-quality coco coir based potting mix has the perfect balance of water retention and airflow to get hardest-to-water plants to thrive.

The MOTHER EARTH Coco Plus Perlite Mix is made from a unique blend of coco coir and volcanic rock that provides exceptional drainage and airflow for even the hardiest plants. This mix includes an ideal combination of ingredients designed to help promote healthy root growth and create the perfect environment for plants to thrive.

The pure white color of perlite gives this lightweight, all-natural blend a clean look in any garden or container. And because perlite is made by heating volcanic rock, it retains no harmful minerals that could harm plants. Perlite is also a naturally occurring air conditioning material, so it helps keep your soil cool by increasing aeration and drainage.

The combination of perlite and coco coir in MOTHER EARTH Coco Plus Perlite Mix provides excellent drainage, yet retains just the right amount of moisture around plant roots for healthy growth. This natural potting mix also resists compaction so it holds its shape and keeps plants healthy for years to come. The nutrient-rich, open texture of MOTHER EARTH Coco Plus

Perlite Mix is ideal for hardier perennials, annuals, vegetables and herbs in larger containers or gardens where draining is a major concern.

What to Consider When Buying the Best Soil for Strawberries in Raised Beds

i. Soil nutrients

Strawberry plants require a lot of nutrients. When buying the best soil for strawberries in raised beds, be sure that it is fertilizer-free as fertilizers contain the wrong nutrients for strawberry plants. Strawberry plants need nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K).

ii. Organic vs. Conventional

Some people prefer to buy that is organic while others choose conventional ones. This decision should not be made without knowing the difference between these two options:

Organic: When you grow plants organically you do not use any kind of chemicals in the soil. This includes pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides – everything that might harm or kill insects or weeds.

Conventional: Conventional farmers use all kinds of chemicals to grow their crops. They think that using pesticides is the only option for pest control and you can see this when you buy it from local stores.

iii. Soil pH

This term means the degree of acidity or alkalinity in the soil. If you buy the best soil for strawberries with high pH, you have to lower its pH before use.

Moisture retention properties

This property determines how much of the moisture in the soil is held and used by plants. This can be measured as available water capacity (AWC).

iv. Texture

The texture of the soil is a big factor that determines if it will be good for growing strawberries. You should look for soils with course to medium texture as they are better at draining excess water from them, preventing diseases like rotting.

Final Thoughts

Gardening should always be sustainable for the environment so you can enjoy creating beautiful gardens year after year. These best soil for strawberries in raised beds provide superior drainage, ideal aeration and a premium potting mix that won’t create nutrient deficiencies or plant stress.

They can be used for everything from large container gardens to outdoor beds.

Create the perfect growing environment for your strawberries by using any of these premium best soils for strawberries in raised beds.

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